The Passion Behind Anglers Tide: A Message From Our Founder

by Cristina Tourino

Welcome to our online store. I’d love to tell you my story and the inspiration and passion behind Anglers Tide. Hopefully, it can inspire others to achieve their dreams and goals because I am a firm believer that with a whole lot of faith and hard work nothing in life is impossible.

My journey

My story starts back to my parents who migrated from Cuba to America back in 1961 with nothing. They did it to provide a better life for themselves. They worked as a team and eventually started their own business that with lots of hard work and dedication eventually became successful. They were humble business owners who treated their employees with respect and in return had years of dedicated employees. Watching their hard work and determination was an asset that was instilled in me. I want to thank them because this shaped me into the person I am today: a mother, wife, daughter, and dedicated business owner.

My story began the day I was born. My parents left the hospital after my birth and drove straight to the Florida Keys. Little did I know this was going to shape the lifestyle I’d always dreamed of living when I grew up.

I was so lucky to spend my weekends and summers in the Florida Keys. I never took anything for granted. I soaked up our fishing trips, snorkeling trips to the reef, and the key to relaxing in the water with family. Driving my brother’s metal dingy on the flats so he can stand at the front of the boat to gaff a small nurse shark. Early mornings filled with excitement that my father was going to teach me how to drive the boat at the age of 13. I can still remember the smell of the salt in the air and the excitement I felt as he was showing me.

I remember late afternoons rushing back to get home before the sun would set and we’d have no more sunlight to guide us into the channels. The smell of fish all over the boat after a long day of fishing didn’t do well with me because I was the only one who would get seasick. These were imprints of memories that will last a lifetime and I will be forever grateful for.

As I got older and looked back, I always thought it would be great to have outdoor apparel that was functional in providing a stylish look and protection from the sun. My inspiration for starting Anglers Tide was the whole experience and how I could share this with the world. I wondered, "Wouldn't it be great if I could combine my passion for the outdoors and entrepreneurship to offer apparel that is both unique and specifically made for comfort and protection to everyone who enjoys the outdoor lifestyle?" So, my dream began providing quality fishing apparel and accessories that everyone will enjoy no matter what outdoor lifestyle you choose.

Thank you

It has been a journey of excitement and hard work but I’m grateful for my husband who supported me along the way and has joined me on this journey. It has been an enormous blessing to the business. I am also thankful to my kids who each took the time to help us. Also thankful for the great people we have met along the road who have all had an impact on the business in one way or another, we are forever grateful and never forgetful. Most of all to the great Lord above for giving us the strength to always move forward!

Anglers Tide is more than just a fishing brand. It's a lifestyle brand for people who share my passion for the outdoors. We're committed to providing the highest quality fishing apparel and accessories so you can perform your best on the water.

We're also dedicated to giving back to the sport that has given me so much. We're committed to sustainable fishing and conservation, and we'll be working with local organizations to help make a difference.

Thank you for supporting Anglers Tide. I can't wait to see what the future holds for our company.

Cristina Tourino
Founder of Anglers Tide.